Fall Decorations are Up!

Hey there, howdy!  So this post will be about my super cute fall decor, almost all of which was found at the 99 cents only store.  So, allons-y!

First we have my front door.  I have a gorgeous scarecrow which I bought many years ago, and I believe I found that one at a Family Dollar Store.  Don’t quote me though.  I LOVE Scarecrows!  I just do, they are so stinking cute! Above it is a gorgeous amber colored bow that I found at the 99 Cents Only Store.  The reason the bow is there is that the wreath hanger is actually my Christmas hanger and it has a huge snowflake on it.  For Halloween I used spiderwebs to cover it and for Fall, I just tied this cute bow around it.  I also have a bumpy pumpkin sitting next to the door that was a gift from my sweet neighbor.  On the inside of my door is a cute, felt Turkey.

Next up are my gorgeous scarecrow brooms. Did I mention I love scarecrows?  Anyway, I love them and these cuties were also purchased at the 99.  They are hanging above my dining table and I will replace them with stockings when the time comes for Christmas decorations.


On the table are the faux flowers, also from…hold on to your butts…the 99 Cents Only Store.  They make a great seasonal centerpiece.


Lastly, here are some super cute little turkey pilgrims and glittery Indian corn decorations from the 99.  Bonus:  They light up!


I’m happy with what I have, with minimalistic cute fall-themed decorations.  But oh don’t you worry, Christmas most certainly will not be minimalistic.  I have a lot of stuff from last year but I already bought a few cute items from the 99.  Here’s a sneak peek:




How cute!  Anywho, Fall is one of my favorite times of year and I definitely want to enjoy it before I go crazy for Christmas!



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