Grocery Shopping Haul, 12/5/16

A while ago I wrote a post providing some tips for grocery shopping at the 99 Cents Only Store.  This time I wanted to show an idea of stuff I can usually get at the 99.  So here goes:

The main picture is here, next time I will take more closeups and individual photos, but this will do for now:

99 grocery haul december 5 2016.JPG

Okay let’s start at the top left.  We have Hamburger buns, Two cans of Pringles, Corn tortillas, Two 4-packs of Applesauce and a Four pack of Snack Pack chocolate pudding, Two jars of Nescafe Dolcio, Two Boxes of Tootsie Pops popsicles and Minute Maid Watermelon-flavored juice.

The middle, sort of row is Lemon Creme Cookies, a container of cream cheese on top of a container of sour cream, Pillsbury brownie mix*, Onions, Green apples, Three Cans of Swanson Chicken Broth

The closest row to us is large pasta shells, red potatoes, russet potatoes, a bag of lemons, and imperial margarine

Finally to the right are the non-food items:  Baby oil, a Mainstays Candle (Fall Cornucopia scent), Sesame Street Elmo Body Wash, Over the door hooks, and some items I am planning to review for a “mini 99 spa day” (stay tuned).

Not pictured is the two Peppa Pig sticker sets I bought as part of my nieces’ Christmas gifts.

*behind the red potatoes and to the left the onions

So let’s talk buckaroonies…all of this cost…drumroll please…$46.32!  A good deal and everything I needed for my meals this week aside from the meat and cheese.

IMG_4256 2.JPG

There you have it!  Another great shopping day at the 99!


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