99 Cents Store Grocery Haul, 12/12/16

This week’s haul is very good.  I went to the 99 Cents Only Store in Orange (on Tustin) to get food for the first time.  I’d been there many times for other things but I usually buy my groceries at the 99 in Anaheim (on Lincoln).  Here is my grocery haul for this week!

From the top left: Dawn dish liquid, Rotini, Jiffy Cornbread Mix, Kraft Mac n Cheese, Del Monte diced tomatoes, Seneca corn, Hunt’s tomato sauce, a fresh pineapple, Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer, Three cans of Pringles, Cheese Nips, Brown Sugar

The middle row (if you will): Crest toothpaste, jasmine rice, baby carrots, bacon and Oscar Meyer lunchmeat, Popsicles, candy canes, Baker’s white chocolate

Bottom Row: 5lb bag of potatoes, Bacon and Sausage Toaster Scrambles, Strawberry Apple Toaster Studels, Brownie Mix and Chili Flakes.

Not pictured from this trip: A six pack of paper towels.

Total for all of these items was:


After the 99, I typically go to Northgate Gonzalez Market after to buy my meat and other things.  But I will post more on that soon!


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