Last Minute Gift Idea: Peppermint and Oreo Bark

Welcome back to Dollar Store Decadence recipes, where we cook amazing food made almost entirely with gems we find at the dollar store. This one is a real treat everybody!  A wonderful, delicious dessert AND an easy, last-minute Christmas gift idea.  People love homemade gifts.  This recipe calls for items found at the 99, as uzh and this time every single item is from the 99 including the cute tins they are packaged in.  Allons-y!

What you need:

12 oz of white chocolate


1 bag of mini oreos, partially crushed


3 candy canes, crushed


3 cute holiday tins from the 99



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  1. Crush the oreos (roughly, don’t want it to be powder, just chunky) and spread them in the bottom of a *parchment-covered 13×9 pan.
  2. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave for 30 seconds then mix.  Add it back to the microwave for another 30 seconds and then mix.  After that keep going at 10 second intervals until it is completely melted.
  3. Spread the white chocolate over the oreos, making sure to spread it well.
  4. Top with the crushed candy canes.
  5. Refrigerate until it’s set and then you can cut it in pieces , wrap them in parchment and place into the tins.
*I forgot to use the parchment and it worked out okay, but I was really worried that I’d wasted my time and that the park wasn’t going to come out of the pan


So let’s talk Benjamins:

The white chocolate bars (Bakers brand) were 2/99 and I used three: $1.49

The bag of mini oreos – 99¢

Candy Canes were in a pack of 12 – 25¢

Tins – $2.97


So our total for the recipe alone is $2.73 or 91¢ per serving!  I like that number! This recipe actually made enough for three people but I only bought two tins (sad face) so that’s why there are only two in the photos.  So for three people to get a special homemade gift (with tins), you will pay $5.70 or $1.90per person.  What the what?  That’s crazy!



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