Dollar Store Recipes: Baked Wet Burritos

Hello all and welcome back to Dollar Store Decadence recipes, where we make gorgeous meals made almost entirely with items from 99 Cents Only Stores.  This time we are making Cheesy Baked Wet Burritos (so much for that whole bit about eating less dairy from my past post.  Ha!)  Anywho, this recipe is delicious and so easy to make.  This is adapted from Delish.  It makes six servings.  Okay, so here we go.


What you need:

1 lb Cooked Chicken, shredded


1 can of black beans


1 can of red enchilada sauce (10 oz)


1 Tsp minced garlic


1 onion, chopped


10 flour tortillas


2 cups shredded cheddar


Juice of one lime



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  1. Preheat oven to 350°.
  2. Cook your chicken however you like it.  I season and then boil mine for at least an hour with 2 bouillon cubes and 4 cups of water.  (A more expensive option is to use a cooked rotisserie chicken).
  3. Heat your olive oil in a large skillet and sauté your onions until they are soft.  Then add the garlic and cook until it’s fragrant.
  4. Add the chicken and half the can of enchilada sauce to the skillet and combine until the chicken is well coated.  Stir in the lime juice.
  5. One at a time, add chicken, beans and a small amount of cheese to each tortilla, roll them and place them into a baking pan.  Only use about 1 cup of the cheese on this step.
  6. Pour the remaining enchilada sauce over the burritos, then sprinkle the rest of your cheese on top.  Bake for 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted to your liking.
  7. Eat!


Let’s talk about the cost:

I used the other half of the chicken that I bought at $6.80 – $3.40

Black Beans – 99¢

Enchilada Sauce – 99¢

Garlic – 2¢

Onion – 25¢

Tortillas – 99¢

Cheddar – 99¢

So our total for this recipe is $7.63.  That comes out to $1.27 per serving!  Whew!  We like to eat this meal with homemade Mexican Rice, sour cream and lettuce.  Those are all optional of course.

So try it and let me know what you think!


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