St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Haul

Hey all!  I’m back after a brief hiatus with a post of all the goodies I found to decorate my apartment for St. Patrick’s Day.  I was on the fence thinking it may look a little hokey, but it’s all in good fun, so I will definitely be putting this stuff up and will post once they are all in place.  For now, my Valentine’s Day stuff is holding strong.  Everything except for the garland came from Dollar Tree.  The garland is from the 99.  So without further ado, here is what I got!

Starting from the top right, I have my cute hat that I will hang outside my door, below that is a garland I will hang over the nook near my door.  Top left is one of the shamrocks I will hang on the wall above my dining table.  Below that are the shamrocks I am using to cover the snowflake on my christmas wreath hanger and below are mini hats that will go on my counter.
Here, at the top are the other two shamrocks that will hang above the table, on the bottom right is a door knob hanger, a super cute one at that.  Next to them are the kitchen towels that will adorn my stove.
Finally, we have the two shamrocks I will hang, one above my calendar and the other on the diagonal wall in my living room.

And there you have it, my St. Patrick’s Day Haul.  Be on the look out for the my post when all of this stuff is in place!  At this rate I should throw a St. Patty’s Day shindig!  FYI, it’s on a Friday this year.  Whew!




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