Easter/Spring Decorations Haul!

Yay!  It’s the first day of Spring!  What better day to post a haul of the things I plan on decorating my apartment with.  As usual, everything I bought for this came from either 99 Cents Only Stores or Dollar Tree.  So let’s see what’s what!



Here we have a few glittery/sparkly things that I will hang on the walls, and of course I had to get the kitchen towels.  They always have cute kitchen towels for all of the occasions at Dollar Tree.  The pink, yellow, and green guys are from Dollar Tree as well.  The Happy Easter ones came from the 99.  Then to the right, I found super cute light-up bunnies that will go on my counter.  They are very similar to the turkey pilgrims I had for Thanksgiving and the little santa ones I had a Christmas time. It’s a good thing I got them when I did; I haven’t seen any since!  Finally I got a cute bow to cover the snowflake on my wreath holder.


Okay so here we have the two green balloon weights from DT that I plan to somehow make into a center piece for the table, a light blue door knob hanger also from DT, a welcome paper wreath from the 99 for outside the door.  Top right are dyeable plastic eggs, and and egg garland both from the 99 and a flower garland from DT that I’m not sure just what I’ll do with that just yet.


Here’s an overhead shot.  Excuse the curve on the table, I am no expert at panoramic pictures!  HA!


And here’s another overall pic in which you can see the bottoms of my St. Patty’s Day decor which is still up, haha!

As usual, I’ll post again once I actually have all of this stuff up.  Til then, toodles!


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