My Graduation Party Supply Haul

Hey y’all.  So.  I am graduating next week with a BA in French!  Pow!  So in honor of all of that I am throwing a little graduation party get together at my place.  Over the last month or so I’ve been collecting graduation party items from the 99 (natch).   As someone who is a little bit financially challenged, I made room in my grocery budget each week until I got all the stuff I wanted.  I’ve continued to do that with my food items as well.  Next week I will go back for balloons. Surprisingly, there was still stuff in the stores this past week.  I thought for sure they would run out of the graduation stuff so I’m glad they didn’t.

So anyway, this post is just to show off what I bought.  I will be having a brunch party and making recipes for the food with stuff from the 99 as well.  I will post those afterward.  Everything except for the big smiley face guy was 99¢, he was $2.99.  Anywho, here are the pics.


So here we have an overview of the items, pretty cool, right?
This banner is so cute!
Another cute banner
I thought this was pretty cute too
I bought these clappers for my husband and son to cheer me on with.  How cute!
I need to find a cute pic of myself to put into that frame, the photo props were super cute and at the top left we have enough stuff to make 48 cupcakes!  All for 99¢ each.
On the left is a cute garland to hang.  I got a lot of hangy stuff, some beaded necklaces and some little cap and tassel hair clips.  Super cute!
Plates and napkins are on deck here!  I chose not to get the cups because they were really small.  I will get some regular plastic cups instead.
Finally, here is the smiley graduate.  This is so cute; it is for people to sign, it came with its own marker.  So. stinkin.cute.

This has been a haul post and I will be back with recipes and pics from the party as well as the cost for the whole shindig.  Pow!




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