My name is Mya and I love shopping at dollar stores.  I actually worked at a 99 cents only store when I was in high school and like most people I stopped shopping there as an adult. But a financial setback sort of pushed me back into looking for great bargains and now I love shopping at dollar stores and in fact I really don’t enjoy paying more than $1 for anything I know I can get at a dollar store.  So I will post hauls, tips, great deals, etc here for all to enjoy.  Remember, not all stores carry the same items but do try and find what you can!

Honestly, you can find some great things at dollar stores.  There’s no need to break the bank in order to have nice things, decorations, cleaning supplies, etc.

I should point out that I am not being paid to promote anything on this blog; it’s just for fun and to share ideas with other people who like to save money.  In the event that this blog completely takes over the world and I do have that opportunity, I will let it be known. For now it’s just us cool kids!

Send me any deals you see and I will post them as well!

Email:  dollarstoredecadence@gmail.com

Instagram: @dollarstoredecadence

Happy Bargain Shopping!