Christmas Decorations are Up!

I love Christmastime.  It’s so lively and everyone is so jolly and I love the decorations so much.  This year I got a few things from the 99 Cents Only Store and Dollar Tree to decorate with but most of my stuff is from last year.  That being said, of course I’m still gonna show it all because I love it!

Okay, so first up are some of the items that I actually bought at the 99.  These are super cute little glittery gift boxes and between them are little figurines that are similar to my turkey pilgrims that I had up for my fall decor.


Next, is my wall in which I hung up our stockings and you can also see a cute tree made out of ornaments.  I got these at Target last year.  Be on the lookout for good deals.  Last year we bought our tree and pretty much everything else from Target and it was all 50% off.  They also do deals where you get $50 off if you spend $100 on christmas decorations.


Here are some gorgeous faux poinsettias and little flower pots all from the 99 as well.  They look so good on either side of my tv.

In my kitchen, you will see these towels on my stove that came from Dollar Tree.  And below that is a Santa Claus rug that cost me $3.00 last year from Target’s Dollar Spot.


The front door and the inside of my door as well.  I was finally able to uncover my wreath holder since it’s Christmas-specific.  The little stockings were $3.00 from Target.

Finally, here is the tree!  It makes me happy!  I hope everyone’s holiday decorating is going well and that you were able to get some good deals!



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