Rinso Magic Sponge is the Real MVP

When trying out different products from dollar stores, I often wonder if they will work as well as the bigger name brand products.  There really is no definitive answer; some do and some don’t.  But let’s be positive and happy people and focus on the ones that are great!

So my bathroom shower was disgusting!  I’d been trying to use scrubbers and different scrub brushes, but they weren’t really getting rid of the soap scum as well as I wanted them to. So I started researching better cleaning products and I wound up making my own cleaner with vinegar and dish liquid (both found at the 99 cent store).  I decided to give the Rinso Magic Sponges a go since my name brand one was on its last leg.  Why not, right?  Well…

Rinso Magic Sponges are uhmazing!  They work just as well as their name brand counterparts at other stores that cost three times as much.

If you like this kind of sponge, I’d say to give this one a try to save a few buckaroonies!  Whew!


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